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phoneME Feature MR2 Released at JavaOne

Posted by stuart_marks on May 9, 2007 at 11:52 AM PDT

I'm pleased to announce that the final release of phoneME Feature MR2 is now available, just in time for JavaOne. For the full announcement, links to the downloads, and further information, please see:

As usual, there is a tremendous amount of activity in the mobility space at JavaOne. Naturally there is a lot of buzz about JavaFX. I can't add much to what's been said at this point. Probably the best source of information is to wait for Bob Brewin's general session webcast replay to be posted.

I just finished a talk (TS-5712), How to Build, Run, and Develop Code with the phoneME Open Source Project, with Hinkmond Wong. We covered a lot in that talk, and there are a lot of details that we had to gloss over and that we couldn't put into the presentation.

One question that did come up was how to build on Windows. In contrast to building phoneME on Linux, building it on Windows is pretty hard. Fortunately, Terrence Barr has run the gauntlet for us already and has put together a wiki page of tips for building phoneME on Windows. Thanks for the great information, Terrence!

I have a couple more shifts of pod duty at the Java Mobile and Embedded Community pod on the JavaOne Pavilion floor. It's pod #959. I'll be there Wednesday and Thursday afternoon; drop by and see me. Also, don't forget the Meet & Greet / Un-BoF and Bloggers Social at Thirsty Bear, Wednesday at 6:00pm. That's tonight! See you there.

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