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Stop bugging me!

Posted by sue_abellera on December 14, 2006 at 1:16 AM PST

People kept asking me what my first blog entry was going to be about. I suppose they assumed it would be about something grandiose, earth shattering or some how amazingly interesting. Well, here it is -- and its about .... BUGS. Ok, so maybe not so earth shattering, but important none the less. We had some questions around this topic from community members, there is one such reference in Stuart's blog.

When we decided we wanted to open source our implementations in the Java ME group, we wanted to do open source for real. We wanted to do all our development and all aspects of development in the open, as a community. That would include filing, updating and fixing bugs. That was our goal. So when it came to bug reporting on, that meant using Issue Tracker. There are no big problems with Issue Tracker, but it is quite different than the Sun internal tool we use for bugs, bugtraq. We did consider the option of migrating all our bugs, specifically for the phoneME project, into Issue Tracker and then having everyone use issue tracker going forward. Then, we heard about a new tool coming to very soon, called Project Tracker. Project Tracker can be configured to be much closer to bugtraq in terms of features and usability. So, our plan is to migrate everyone over to Project Tracker in the very near future, say 3-6 months from now.

In the meantime, things work as follows: for all phoneME existing bugs, we keep them in bugtraq. They are also available for viewing from Go there and query on categories like: Connected Limited Device Configuration Virtual Machine - phoneME Feature, or any category that ends in phoneME Feature or phoneME Advanced and you'll see our current bug list. New bugs get filled in Issue Tracker.

For cqME, we have migrated over a number of key issues into Issue Tracker We will be using that as our primary means of tracking bugs against cqME until we migrate to Project Tracker.

So, if you come across an issue, file it in Issue Tracker. We will continue to update them in Issue Tracker. For phoneME, we'll have two places to go for viewing open bugs, until we finally move to Project Tracker.

Was that exciting enough for you?

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