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My Highlights from FISL and Sun Tech Days Brazil

Posted by sue_abellera on April 29, 2007 at 8:04 AM PDT

I recently returned from a two week trip to Brazil. I was there for FISL and Java ME Day, which was part of Sun Tech Days . I had an outstanding trip, from a Mobile & Embedded Community perspective. I talked to many people about Java ME and our open source community. Some of the technical highlights included:

Hearing about the one laptop per child project. I saw a preso on this at FISL and a demo of the laptop in their booth. Its really an amazing project. Its quite impressive that it was all put together by a non-profit organization. Hope they can consider adding Java to it.

Meeting non-Sun community members. Completely by accident we met the project owners of Project Marge, a bluetooth framework. They came up to us at our booth in FISL. This is a new project in the Mobile & Embedded Community. Watch out for a podcast on this.

Meeting Java developers from JUGs, Java Users Group. We met JUG members from all over Brazil. We also did a presentation for the SouJava JUG in San Paulo. We even had the SouJava leader, Mauricio Leal, give our Intro to JavaME preso at ME Days – so we could have a native speaker give the talk. It was outstanding, way to go Mauricio!

Attending the JUG satellite broadcast of Sun Tech Days in Belo Horizonte. This was near the end of my trip, but most definitely a highlight. I was able to travel to Belo Horizonte for the day and watch part of Tech Days from there. Then, I gave a talk on JavaME and the Mobile & Embedded Community. We had an outstanding Q&A session with everything from: “Why did Sun pick GPLv2 as their open source license?” to “Will we ever see JavaSE and JavaEE on mobile devices?”. I met some amazing Java developers as well as the head of the Computer Science department at the University where the broadcast was taking place. I also got to practice some Spanish with a cab driver, who spoke only Portuguese and Italian, but seemed to understand me some how. I really had a great time.

Meeting and getting to know a number of incredibly bright and kind co-workers, colleagues and Java enthusiasts from Brazil. To me, this is the best part of business trips. We had great technical discussions as well as non-shop talk about politics, education and life in Brazil.

On the non-work side, I had some highlights as well. These included:

Spending an afternoon walking aroundthe big park in Sao Paulo, Ibirapuera. It felt like I was among the locals.

Going out to the coast off of San Paulo, to walk on the beach. I hear its nothing compared to Rio, but I've never been to Rio so – I guess I don't know what I'm missing.

Getting in on the fun with the Paulistas by teasing Phil about being a Carioca. Locals should get this joke. Did you know that Paulistas call weak coffee a Cariocan coffee? That cracks me up.

Lastly my highlights include tasting Brazilian wine. I do believe this topic merits its own blog entry. So, if you'd like to read more about my wine discoveries in Brazil, check out my next blog: Seeing Brazil from behind a wine glass.

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