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My Highlights from FISL and Sun Tech Days Brazil

Posted by sue_abellera on April 29, 2007 at 8:04 AM PDT

I recently returned from a two week trip to Brazil. I was there for FISL and Java ME Day, which was part of Sun Tech Days . I had an outstanding trip, from a Mobile & Embedded Community perspective. I talked to many people about Java ME and our open source community. Some of the technical highlights included:

Hearing about the one laptop per child project. I saw a preso on this at FISL and a demo of the laptop in their booth. Its really an amazing project. Its quite impressive that it was all put together by a non-profit organization. Hope they can consider adding Java to it.

Meeting non-Sun community members. Completely by accident we met the project owners of Project Marge, a bluetooth framework. They came up to us at our booth in FISL. This is a new project in the Mobile & Embedded Community. Watch out for a podcast on this.

Meeting Java developers from JUGs, Java Users Group. We met JUG members from all over Brazil. We also did a presentation for the SouJava JUG in San Paulo. We even had the SouJava leader, Mauricio Leal, give our Intro to JavaME preso at ME Days

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