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Reflections of DEVOXX09 -- A List of Tweets

Posted by sunahouston on December 3, 2009 at 11:56 AM PST

This is Houston... Just cleared out my iTouch of Tweets from the DEVOXX09 conference....Man! were there a lot of Tweets... Here's a list of the one's I've "starred"... Ack! there were hundreds more...


date time sender tweet
15/Nov/09 12:09 PM sbglasius (Soren Berg Glasius) Eating dinner with 9 other #devoxx attendees. By wed we will be 40 attendees from #javagruppen [Danish JUG]
16/Nov/09 12:00 AM vanriper (Java Champ) vanriper: It is amazing how the use of Twitter makes a dev conference more live and the information is flowing constantly #devoxx (via @javapapo)
16/Nov/09 03:59 AM atoro Sometimes a bit laggy, by RT @javapapo: This DEVOXX Twitter board on the top of the wall is very cool!! #devoxx
16/Nov/09 04:09 AM gsudharsan (Sudharsan) A Java conference without the Sun logo for the 1st time. Feels weird. #devoxx #sun #java
16/Nov/09 06:37 AM gsudharsan (Sudharsan) #devoxx The twitter board on the hallway is a cool idea
16/Nov/09 09:47 AM javapapo (Java Champ Paris A.) RT @agoncal Writing a collaborative blog for the @ParisJUG about #Devoxx with Google Wave. We found a pos use for Google Wave
17/Nov/09 06:55 AM netmikey (Mike Meessen) There are quite a lot of Macs here at #devoxx. The “non-sun” jvm doesn't seem to bother the java crowd here.. May I get one too boss? Please?
17/Nov/09 06:57 AM peligri A lot of chatter at #devoxx. Alexis and Antonio..JavaEE6 session full (600?) full list
17/Nov/09 01:06 PM DieAmsel RT @diversit: What is future of #netbeans at Oracle? I think it will die soon. #devoxx
17/Nov/09 05:53 PM javafx4you javafx4you: RT @peter_pilgrim: Devoxx sneak preview of NetBeans 6.8 JavaFX Rad tool was majorly impressive. Thanks Tor Norbye
18/Nov/09 01:21 AM GeertjanW #devoxx: are any of the tools and libraries shown in the Oracle demos (1) free and/or (2) open source? Just wondering
18/Nov/09 01:22 AM dickwall (Java Champ) Oracle saying all the right things wrt alternative jvm languages during #devoxx keynote. Scala/lift demo too.
18/Nov/09 01:22 AM sistar (Ralf Sigmund) RT @fdiotalevi: #devoxx Oracle's keynote turned out to be a presentation on OSGI...come on, oracle these slides are so 1997.
18/Nov/09 01:22 AM netmikey (Mike Meessen) Oh, now I get it: Everything (like AppSrvs) is open but to be able to use it, you need fancy graphical..expensive tools from Oracle #devoxx
18/Nov/09 01:23 AM bouiaw Never seen a demo as ridiculous as Oracle video demo at #devoxx
18/Nov/09 01:23 AM Danny lagrouw Next Oracle demo: deploy the web app as a vmware image. Hmm interesting #devoxx
18/Nov/09 01:24 AM javapapo (Java Champ Paris A.) Oracle must understand that the java dev community is by far smarter than the loyal oracle admins. This keynote is bad sorry #devoxx
18/Nov/09 01:24 AM geertjanW #devoxx: parts of I've seen from the Oracle demos remind me of Apache Felix stuff shown in the BOF yesterday
18/Nov/09 01:25 AM javatools community #devoxx oracle keynote: “Community is the most challenging place for Java today”
18/Nov/09 01:27 AM ckitop (Christophe PHU) #devoxx: I need the same Emergency magic thing, like Steven G. Harris has, to use with my boss
18/Nov/09 01:27 AM geertjanW #Devoxx: Someone should tell Oracle that not one single programmer in the world wears a tie!
18/Nov/09 02:08 AM vanriper (Java Champ) vanriper: still getting use to Chet Haase as Adobe Evangelist at #DEVOXX even though he moved from Sun to Adobe almost 2 years ago
18/Nov/09 04:21 AM haocheng RT @dickwall Wow. Apple's ears must be burning. That's the third or fourth slam against the iPhone app store approvals during #devoxx
18/Nov/09 07:24 AM patbaumgartner #JEE 6 vs #Spring 3 - @Agoncal makes a lot jokes about the @SpringSource guys in the front row #devoxx
18/Nov/09 10:03 AM Jan_vissers Highlights of #devoxx today – Brian Goetz and Cameron Purdy back-to-back concurrency/distributed related talks #in
18/Nov/09 02:27 PM johaneltes #devoxx keynote: Adobe has a tool to turn an Air App into iPhone app. What makes a bundled flash player less bad than an independent one?
18/Nov/09 03:00 PM hansolo_ (Gerrit Grunwald) #Devoxx: just back from JUG leaders meeting which was great...feels good to meet all these other JUG leaders out there and share experiences
18/Nov/09 06:48 PM Mohan_82 Nice 1..RT @tug: If you announce that closures are in JDK7 at a conference. You should have the decency to give a URL to the spec. #devoxx
19/Nov/09 04:16 AM zerzio (Serge Libotte) I'm not a geek #devoxx
19/Nov/09 07:31 AM tehjoejag (Joe Wright) Fantastic keynote by @unclebobmartin. He's like a version of George Carlin who's passionate about professional software development #devoxx
19/Nov/09 10:09 AM Letouilleur (Nicolas Martingnole) Photos de jeudi a #devoxx
19/Nov/09 10:14 AM brianleathem I'm loving all this real-time #devoxx coverage via twitter
20/Nov/09 12:00 AM luciobenfante (Java Champ) Almost at home. Thanks #devoxx, what a great conference!
20/Nov/09 10:32 AM puredanger (alex miller) who was the #bestspeaker at #devoxx? Vote with #bestspeaker tag!
20/Nov/09 01:33 PM guiliguili (Guillaume Lasnier) back in Paris after 3 fantastic days at #devoxx. It was nice to know about hot topics and share ideas with the community
20/Nov/09 01:41 PM guiliguili (Guillaume Lasnier) My hot topics from #devoxx; sun oracle bid, closure in #jdk7, #scala, #javafx and #jBPM
20/Nov/09 03:17 PM oracletechnet (Justin Kestelyn) MP3 & transcript: JUG BOF with James Gosling @ #devoxx
21/Nov/09 01:17 AM Stephan007 (Stephan Janssen-Java Champ) Please enter our #devoxx 2009 Survey @
21/Nov/09 03:42 AM pholdings #devoxx: did not see the RAD designer tool for #javafx, was demoed on tues; heard good things. “matisse for javafx”, they say
21/Nov/09 03:42 AM pholdings #devoxx: #javafx team extremely secretive about dates, specific features, tools in next release; disappointing, more like apple's approach
21/Nov/09 10:58 AM ErikBrakkee After getting motivated to use JavaFX at #devoxx, JavaFX now looks more like a bad dream and could be DOA
21/Nov/09 01:13 PM lambdac #devoxx recap 2: James Gosling
21/Nov/09 03:36 PM morgendagen photos from Devoxx 2009 #devoxx
22/Nov/09 08:18 AM lhochet (Ludovic HOCHET) #devoxx 09 photos (pics from the JUG Leaders post BOF bash at Club Axxes w/JUGGY)
01/Dec/09 12:00 AM richsands @robilad Remember your SHARP criticism for Sun & Java? Some said “Go away you jerk” then. But without you, there'd be no Free Java
01/Dec/09 11:57 AM richsands Richsands: @ Robilad Without passion there's no progress. A strong community has passion. If flames = personal attacks...though I agree with you.

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