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Silicon Valley JavaFX Java User Group Holds First Meeting -- BLOG--REDUX

Posted by sunahouston on January 8, 2010 at 10:42 AM PST
ORIGINALLY Posted on December 10, 2009 at 2:21 PM PST (before site was 
taken down)

Last night, I attended the very first JavaFX JUG meeting in Silicon Valley. We has a special guest speaker in Richard Bair who gave an introductory talk on JavaFX. Also, Josh Marinacci happened to be in town from Portland, Or.  Stephen Chin plugged Josh into the talk line-up before Richard. Josh commented that he was the "appetizer" before the main course...(i.e. Rich's talk). Josh showed-off his Project MaiTai (an open source tool for building interactive artwork-written in JavaFX) and he also demo'd the Java Store...showed how easy it is to get involved in that and perhaps make a little $$ on the side.

Stephen Chin and Keith Combs are leading this JUG. Hat's off to them. It is not easy to be a JUG Leader, but having a co-leader is a big help. They had a very nice turn-out with 60 folks in the room and 40 more virtually through the live streaming event that they coordinated. Stephen Chin has the video of Richard Bair and the slides up on

(need to have the parleys desktop client loaded to view--or just go to parleys and look for the "spaces" section -- not the "channels" -- spaces)

So, we had quite a few people in the audience, some notable local JUG community leaders: Michael Van Riper (SVWUG), Kevin Nilsson (SVWUG), Aleksander "Sasa" Garganta (San Francisco JUG/Marakana). Some Java community leaders and I  took the opportunity to present Kevin Nilsson his "Java Champion" shirt, since he was recently admitted into the Java Champion's community.  We also had other notable folks attend this meeting: Stuart Marks (Sun JavaFX team) was in the room + some members from the JavaFX marketing team who invited folks to become a JavaFX partner; details here; and, Jim Weaver ( was watching the event remotely.

Took some photos of the event (I always do). Below is a Picasa Slideshow of the photos... I saw "Sasa" (SFJUG) also taking photos as well, so I will get that info later.


There were some cool prizes given away...probably the most valuable to a Java Developer was the DEVOXX Parley's membership to view all of those presentations; but, there were JavaFX books/eBooks/T-shirts/SunSPOT Developer Kits/and more. Stephen Chin used his JavaFX-based Winning Wheel to giveaway the prizes (the source code is available free:

Lastly, very special thanks to our Google host for the venue + Pizza! And to Michael Van Riper and Kevin Nilsson helping Stephen and Keith put this thing on

... I think it was a very successful, Guys... lots of comments on the page. I have a feeling I will be attending more of the Silicon Valley JavaFX meeting(s).

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