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SVJAVAFXJUG - JavaFX Layout Secrets with Amy Fowler 13 Jan 2010

Posted by sunahouston on January 17, 2010 at 12:39 AM PST

JavaFX Layout Secrets w/Amy FowlerTHIS IS HOUSTON....

The Silicon Valley JavaFX JUG met for its 2nd meeting on Jan 13th, 2010. SVJAVAFXJUG once again had another rock star speaker in Amy Fowler. Amy Fowler is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, and is one of the founding members of the Java Swing GUI Toolkit. . Over 70 people attended this meeting at Sun's Santa Clara Auditorium. Plus, 40 folks were watching remotely via ustream.


Amy's talk entitle "JavaFX Layout Secrets" dealt with a number concepts including:
- the resizable mixin class (what JavaFX elements are resizable and which are not)
- layouts & transforms, nodes inside Containers, Text Layout Bounds
- Concrete Containers and concepts like: Stack, HBox, VBox, Tile, Flow, Panel
- Growing and Shrinking in the scene-graph
- The 10 Layout Commandments in JavaFX...(Per Amy, now down to 8 something w/new JavaFX 1.3 features-see photos below)  
***UPDATE 1/19/10 from Stephan Janssen ***

"....JavaFX Layout Secrets" with Amy Fowler SvJUGFX talk available on - - Audio not super but content is great!...." -- Stephan007  via twitter


PHOTOs from the Event:

Questions from the Online audience were:

    • Do the layout efficiency changes effect the well known issues of JavaFX apps flickering in the browser?
    • Did the JavaFX team ever decide on the question: "Should "lookup" drill down into CustomNode?" -"?
    • Which layout can we used to implement the gridbag layout kind?
    • Any discussion or possible ideas we can glean from the MigLayout in JFXtras?
    • Will all the layouts mentioned tonight behave the same on mobile profile?
    • Is there any future plan of releasing javafx platform for Blackberry?

Attendee Comment:
“..Amy does an awesome job in explaining the upcoming features in 1.3, this in addition to what is there in 1.2 Javafx layouts."

Prizes Too!
There were also prizes too given away at this meeting. Stephen once again used his JavaFX Prize wheel to give away the prizes which include his Pro JavaFX book, a SunSpot (a sensor device programmable in Java + has its own VM), the Artifactory Add-Ons Power Pack License ($1,750 value) + more...and as always Free T-shirts courtesy of Sun.

Other Particulars and Logistics:

    • I attended this meeting with my boss Nichole Scott (Sun Java User Group & Developer Programs) and Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine. I contacted Kirk the day before, he was in town teaching his Performance Tuning class in San Francisco for Sun Learning Services. Kirk brought (2) of his students from his class to the JUG meeting.
    • After the meeting, we all grabbed a beer at a local restaurant with JUG Leaders Stephen Chin and Keith Combs also. At  the bar, I also learned that Kirk's students both worked for General Dynamics in Maryland, managing IT solutions for the Health care sector. They both enjoyed the JUG meeting and were interested in exploring ways to apply JavaFX technology to the healthcare sector.
    • Touched-base w/Urzula Ladniak (JavaFX Marketing) They arranged for the meeting space, pizza, and drinks...very much appreciated by everyone!
    • Nichole and I helped Stephen & Keith out with attendee check-in at the door while they setup their video equipment. This was the first meeting held at Sun's campus in Santa Clara.

The next JavaFX meeting on FEB 10th, 2010 will feature JavaFX Mobile Dojo - Hinkmond Wong...JavaOne Rockstar, JavaME Champion, and JavaFX expert. (Hinkmond also answered several audience questions at the end of Amy's session)

For THIS Meeting entry:
Note -- Parleys Viewership stats as of Jan 15th, for SVJAVAFXJUG's first meeting w/Richard Bair has received over 7,200 views on bad first time out.

Ustream feed:

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