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Obrigado, my friends, It is time to leave....

Posted by sunahouston on January 29, 2010 at 8:45 AM PST

Obrigado, my friends,  It is time for me to leave Sun/Oracle. Thanks, to all of the Java Champions, NetBeans Dream Teamers and JUG Leaders who have just been terrific over the last (5) years....You guys are "cool"! Stick together and maintain your connections with each other.

See you on the other side... But, I probably won't be too far away  ;-) 

JUGs/JC's support Nichole Scott, she's gonna need it, really!

Special Thanks, to Bruno Souza (aka "braziljavaman") for teaching me pretty much everything I know about online communities.

And finally, Special Thanks, to James Gosling and all of the Java Technology Evangelists that I have worked with over the years....(Thanks James, for joining my Facebook account -- Kewl!...and please don't wear a tie)



Viva! Las Vegas!

"This is Houston... signing off..."

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Java is going to miss you...

Aaron, you made an awesome job! Everybody that met you are definitely very lucky. Thanks for all your support and for being this awesome guy. Thanks for helping me in the beggining of my career as well.

We are gonna miss you. When you come to Florianópolis, let me know, so we can have a "capirinha".

Thanks! Good lucky with the new challenges!

Bruno Ghisi

Thank you

Thank you, Aaron. What you did was simply great.


your planet is scheduled for demolition...

The process will take slightly less than two of your Earth minutes. Thank you.

Aaron, you did a great job, too bad that the Vogons took over. Thank you for your passion and commitment. We'll work together again, I'm sure!

Keep in touch!

A great beacon to the community

Hey Aaron,


  I really enjoyed working with you and I wish you all the best in these next steps of your career. The community will miss all of your wonderful work that you've done.



Best of luck to you.

So sorry to see this happen....

I remember very clearly a meeting I attended with JUG leaders in Zurich back in 2007 - they were from all over Europe and they all expressed the exact same thing about working with Sun Microsystems: "Aaron Houston is AWESOME!"

For so many people in the Java community, you were the face of Sun Microsystems and you did a great job at it.

Best of luck to you in the future.

- Gregg

You don't necessarily have to "sign off" of

Hi Aaron. I wish you the best, wherever you go. I also want to say that you are still welcome to blog here about JUGs, etc., and other Java-related topics that interest you. If you'll still be active within the Java community, why not continue to blog here?

All the best

Hats off to you for all your terrific accomplishments at Sun, Aaron.  I enjoyed crossing paths with you and wish you the best.


Maraming Salamat po!

Aaron! I woke up and saw this news. It is sad that you are leaving. You have done a lot for the community and you will be missed! Wish you luck in your future endeavors and please do keep in touch. Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay!

Thanks Aaron for everything !!!

Hi Aaron it's been great working with you!!! I even don't know how to thank you. Your support during GeeCON 1st conference was amazing! Big loss for Java Community I'm crossing fingers for your next job. My best wishes, Miroslav

Great loss for us all...

... in the Java Community. You've done a Great Job for us all! Thank you, Aaron!
We will be missing you a lot, Aaron. Please don't go too far away!

My best wishes,

We all owe you so much

What more can I say? Probably nothing, but I know for sure that we will miss you - thanks for an amazing time in the community.

Cheers, the next one is on me ;-)


I am very sorry to hear that...

Hi Aaron, you did a terrific job at Sun, and I am very sorry to see that you are leaving. Best of luck in the future, and I hope we meet again!



Sad news!

Hi Aaron,
This is sad news to hear! You have really helped these communities to flourish and I wish you could stay on! Nichole, you have my full support and anything that I as a JUG leader can do to help I would be happy to do.

Aaron, it's been great working with you, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Don't every let up!

All the best,
Houston JUG leader

Obrigado Aaron

Aaron, meu amigo (my friend) !


The photo posted in main page of DFJUG,, reflects our appreciation of your work during all this years of Sun/DFJUG relationship. We, and I'm sure all JUGs in the world, will miss your support and friendship. We wish that your new job, in a new company, will bring better opportunities to your life and we know that you will be around helping our communities.


I say Obrigado (Thank you), and receive our Latin American abraco (hug)


Daniel deOliveira
JUG Leader / Founding Java Champion
Brasilia Java Users Group