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Houston is a GO! @Adobe.... I've made it to the "other side"

Posted by sunahouston on March 15, 2010 at 9:41 PM PDT

Hello JUG Leaders & Champions....

I've been busy of late, but I wanted to let you all know that I landed safely with a new job at Adobe. I will be one of their new Community Managers working with several of their user group communities: Flex, Air, ColdFusion, Photoshop User Group(s) + many more.

Officially started today 3/15.

Ran into my old friend Chet Haas in the Adobe SF office last week during team meetings...looking forward to working with that "filthy rich clients" guy again. Special thanks to James Ward who cared enough to mention my name to my new boss @ Adobe... really appreciate that.  And then there is Janice Campbell (former NetBeans team), who is also at Adobe working on platform localization and with the community relations... In fact, there are lots of Sun folks here at Adobe....

But, 30+ days after the Great RIF... I just want to thank all of you JUG Leaders, Java Champions, and NetBeans Dream Team... for your comments on my blog, twitter, and facebook made a difference in my future... YOU guys will always have a friend at Adobe, whatever your software politics may be...

My new home will be here....And here is one of their community members--check it out...the Flex Gangsta

(Oh yeah, this is going to be fun!)


P.S. On a sad note, today, I heard that Simon Phipps and Tim Bray have also moved on to new things...wish them both the best of  luck... more on the exodus here.

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