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Aaron's MAX Experience at AdobeMAX 2010 + A New Blog, New Beginnings...

Posted by sunahouston on November 10, 2010 at 12:10 PM PST

So, Aaron is now blogging for Adobe at the "Community Kitchen" blog site with the other Adobe Community Mgrs.  It has been over 6+ months now since making the transition from Sun to my new community.  But, it is still all about developers and "creatives" doing cool stuff on the web, mobile, and multi-screen.

Two weeks ago I attended my FIRST AdobeMAX conference; it's a bit different than the old JavaOne's....and a "heckuva" lot different that most recent JavaOne.  Adobe holds a Community Summit the day before MAX -- we had 200 User Group Managers attend; and, they really know how to take care of their community leaders with: preferred seating, deep conference discounts, private panel sessions, conference gifts, + lots more. 

On my New Blog, there are ALSO some useful info/tips for anybody running a User Group, things like: how to organize, promote, and run your user group that was discussed at our Community those files/mp3s/photos find those here: A “MAX” Experience @AdobeMAX 2010. (see the downloads & MP3 section)

The more I get around to other developer communities....the more similarities I discover between them...

Next stop for Me: DEVOXX 2010 ... Hoping to see some of the JUG Leaders there.  -- Aaron

Aaron @ AdobeMAX 2010 with some Java Champions

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