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Grizzly : Drop connection for banned IP

Posted by survivant on January 22, 2009 at 6:52 PM PST

I want to show you how you can block IPs in your Grizzly server. I pretty sure that you can find lot of reasons why you would want that.
I'll use a list from as input for my demo.

What you have to do to close the connection from client that isn't wanted is pretty simple.

    Controller controller = new Controller();
    TCPSelectorHandler tcpSelectorHandler = new TCPSelectorHandler(){
        public SelectableChannel acceptWithoutRegistration(SelectionKey key) throws IOException {
            ServerSocketChannel server = (ServerSocketChannel);
            SocketChannel channel = server.accept();
            if (isAddressBanned(channel.socket().getInetAddress()))  {
                  s_logger.debug("This IP [" + channel.socket().getInetAddress() + 
                  "] is banned, the connection will be close");
                return null;

            return channel;

With that, as soon as a connection is made, Grizzly will validate if the IP is valid and close the connection if required.

I won't show the implementation of "isAddressBanned", because it's not really related to Grizzly, but you can find it in the source code.

You can download the complete source code from here.

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