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Read web.xml with one line of code Part 2

Posted by survivant on March 25, 2009 at 8:49 AM PDT

I did a previous post about how to do it with XMLBean or JABX, but it was more an example how to do it. This time is the real deal.

I used JABX to generate the java classes from the schemas and use that to parse the web.xml.

The result is a simple class : WebAppLoader that will load the web.xml.

Here a example :

WebappLoader webappLoader = new WebappLoader();
WebApp webapp = webappLoader.load("/web-2.2.xml");

The object WebApp contains all the infos extracted from the web.xml. The representation is based on webapp 3.0.

you can get the source code from my repository :

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yep. It's the power of JABX :) but we don't use it in the same context.

it is like my smallest atom