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Grizzly http-deployer moved to module in Release 1.9.11

Posted by survivant on April 8, 2009 at 11:28 AM PDT

The little baby : Grizzly http-deployer just moved from contrib to modules since release 1.9.11.

Grizzly Http-Deployer evolve since my previous post
New Grizzly enhancement : Servlet AutoDeployer.

There are few new options. Let's describe the new command line params.

Support multiple paths for application deployment

-a warfile1;warfile2 or --application=warfile1;warfile2 ";" is File.pathSeparator

Support multiple library paths to add to the classpath

--libraryPath=libpath1/;libpath2 ";" is File.pathSeparator

Force context for a servlet

-c newcontext/ or --context=newcontext/

Only work if you use it with a web.xml as application. Like : -a path/servlet/web.xml

Comet support


Force war file deployment over expanded folder


if you have a folder that contains a war file and expanded war file, the default is to load the expanded folder and skip the war file.
With this, you can force to deploy the war file instead.

Don't start GrizzlyWebServer


With this option GrizzlyWebServer won't be started unless the user call start();

There are lot more options that will be available in the next releases.

Scoop :

- WarAdapter
- Jsp support
- Jmx support
- ... :)

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