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Atmosphere : Resin and Websockets

Posted by survivant on August 10, 2010 at 5:33 PM PDT

I want to let you know that since the release of Caucho Resin 4.0, Atmosphere applications can be deploy on Resin and will be supported natively. Resin 4.0 implements Servlet 3.0.

That's really good. Another web server that is supported.

What about the Websocket's Caucho implementation... nah ! There implementation is too buggy right now. I suppose the code it using a early release of the Websocket specs, and never updated it. Anyway, Websocket application won't work on Resin 4.0 :(

We posted a thread on there forum here :

but still didn't received news from them. So until they fix it, I suggest that you try your Websocket application on another web server like Glassfish.

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