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Hosting Git Repository Server Gitosis on Windows 7 (100% working)

Posted by survivant on January 4, 2011 at 5:03 PM PST

Happy new year 2011.


It has been a while since a blog in this forum.  I worked on other technologies that are not related to Java, so I didn't post into this site.  For now, I think, I'll post any new articles that can be related to programmation, mostly java.  What do you think ?


I want to talk about Hosting your git repositories.  I know, that there are few free git hosting services, but I needed to have my git repositories private and local.  I didn't want pay for hosting the code of my company, so I search what were the alternatives.  I found a really nice service called : Gitosis. 


Gitosis can be installed on Unix, but I wanted to install it on a Windows server.  I know.. not the best choice, but I didn't it anyway.  I created a guide or tutorial how to install it on Windows using Cygwin.  There are many others blogs about that, but there were so many questions and person having problems following there procedure, I'm one of them, so I choice to create one.  If you follow the tutorial step by step, your setup will be a success. 


Like I said, it not directly a Java technologie, but because lot of projects are now using git for there projects, that I choice to post a little description and if you are interested you can follow this link .


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