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JavaFX Preview Releases -- A Chapter Closes

Posted by tball on July 31, 2008 at 5:00 PM PDT

Today the JavaFX Preview SDK released today, marking the end of an incredible year-plus for the JavaFX Script compiler team. It's been quite a ride, which has been played out for the world to see on our project's email aliases and JIRA issue tracking system. There are still changes under consideration for the language and runtime for the 1.0 release, but the SDK is much more functional than its "preview" name suggests.

If you are running Windows or Intel Mac OS X, then download the SDK and kick its tires. But what if you run another platform, such as Linux or Solaris? That's where we can help, as the compiler project's build server makes continuous and weekly builds available which are (should) run on any platform running Java 6. With full source available, of course.

And what's next? Just like those commercials which asked world series winners what they were going to do next, my answer is "I'm going to Disney World!".

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Is there a browserplugin yet? So that it's actually usable in the real world? (I know it's possible to create standalone applications but I see the potential as a replacement for applets, and if it's really ment to be a competitor to Flash etc. the the plugin is vital...)

Excellent! I've been waiting for JavaFX to get to this point! re: Older Mac technology -- Apple's technology plans abandon G5s and the original Core Duos. No reason for Sun to support older technology when Apple isn't. Not supporting older technology is a temporary problem for JavaFX. Within 2 years that concern will be irrelevant.

As much as I want to be excited by this, I just can't be. My three Macs are not supported for Java 6 - two Core Duos and one G5. I would rather stick to Java technologies, but JavaFX is not a viable platform since I would be limiting the reach of my applications. Maybe some day Sun and Apple will get together to solve this issue. Until such time, Flex will rule the roost around here (so to speak)