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Hot deployment into emulator

Posted by tbrandalik on February 1, 2009 at 11:20 AM PST

Java ME SDK has an important feature which can speed up MIDlet development. MIDlet can be redeployed into already opened emulator.
After receiving some feedbacks from users of early access I see than this feature is often undiscovered. That's pity because it improves usability of emulator and saves a lot of time spent on emulator restart.
I usually run emulator once without specifying a MIDlet - only to open AMS.

emulator.exe -Xjam -Xdevice:/device name/

and then deploy my application again and again without exiting emulator - just exiting from a MIDlet.

emulator.exe -Xdescriptor:..\apps\myapp.jad -Xdevice:/device name/

Several things happen in background transparently to an user. MIDlet is deployed, launched and after exit it is removed. The same feature works of course also from gui.


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Right. This doesn't work in wtk 2.5.2 Try Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access Java ME SDK is new architecture with different VM (based on PhoneME) which allows multiple applications running simultaneously. One of them is on-device tooling agent which handles deployment, debugging etc. None of this is present in wtk 2.5.2 -Tomas

most definitely does not work in the linux build. :( wtk 2.5.2 right? It just launched a 2nd emulator window with the app. bummer, that would have been really nice.