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Open Office Java API

Posted by tchangu on December 30, 2005 at 6:20 AM PST

When I worked for a consulting firm I got an opportunity to work on a Strategy & Operations pursuit. The task was to fill up a 20 page MS Word report template with lots of data from MS Access and Oracle (which was backend to some ERP system). The requirement was to produce 10 or so reports quickly, which showed the client how the firm can help them to define a strategic sourcing model followed by a transformation roadmap.

Not being a fluent VB Scripter, I was totally frustrated trying different things - manually plugging in data, patchy VB Scripting, Apache POI - but nothing worked satisfactorily. Finally after looking around, I ended up discovering OpenOffice UNO Java API (Universal Network Objects). After going through an initial ramp, it worked out pretty good. With OO UNO and JDBC, ugly and complex reporting became a breeze!

Open Office UNO API is pretty involved in concept and is complex as well. Of course it

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