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Posted by terrencebarr on January 12, 2007 at 7:02 AM PST

So, of course the big news of the week was the introduction of the Apple iPhone.

And I have to say: It's impressive. Slick. Cool. It will, in more ways than one, reshape the mobile industry. It is a personal mobile "accessory" with desktop-class power that is tuned to meet the needs of the mobile consumer life-style. It shatters conventions because it radically simplifies and integrates functionality in ways that make you go "Duh, that's obvious!" - and I mean that in a good way. Take the scrolling functionality on iPhone: Very cool, very obvious (once you've seen it, that is). Or take the finger pinching gesture used to zoom in and out. Not that Apple invented it but they use it very effectively to address a critical shortcoming of mobile devices (limited screen size). Or visual voice mail: Why wasn't that done before?

More importantly, from my perspective, iPhone highlights the failure of the mobile industry to date to provide consumers with truly user-friendly and useful mobile devices and services. Smart phones today are, by and large, complex beasts that do many things but are hard to use, buggy, and poorly integrated with the world around them. It takes a company like Apple to leapfrog the industry and show them how things should be. I applaud Apple for that and iPhone immediately makes everything else look dated.

But, nevertheless,

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