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Tagged! ... five things about me

Posted by terrencebarr on January 20, 2007 at 2:07 PM PST

Yup, I was tagged two weeks ago by Hinkmond and I thought "Hey, this is a good idea to get to know people better" - so here we go:

  • I'm tri-cultural, as in American, German, and Austrian (don't try to throw them Austrians in the "Kraut" bucket - ask Arnold!) and quad-lingual (sounds wrong!?). Ok, well, next to English and German I'd argue that Austrian and Bavarian dialects are distinct and far enough removed from High German that they should almost count as separate languages. Every tried to have a conversation in broad Viennese or with a local in a village in Lower Bavaria? See ;-)
  • I live in in the pretty city of Freiburg, surrounded by vineyards, and my next Sun office is in a different country (Switzerland)
  • One of my first computers I had I built from scratch copying an existing single-board design based on a Motorola 6809, soldering most parts to the motherboard myself. I then ported a Pascal compiler and runtime system, and designed a memory management unit in discreet TTL logic and modified the FLEX OS to support quasi on-demand paging of 16 KByte RAM banks to work around the 64 KByte address range limit of the CPU.
  • I have several hundred hours of piloting time on gliders and single-engine planes, flying in such places as the French Alps and New Zealand. For two years I was the president and general manager of a flying club in southern Germany with a membership of 150 and a couple of million Euros in assets (planes, real estate).
  • I designed and implemented the multiprocessor extensions to the eCOS operating system that we used to bring up and performance test the first silicon samples of the MAJC processor. MAJC was Sun's first implementation of a multi-core, multi-threaded, VLIW architecture with speculative multithreading and turned out to be the precursor to the Niagra SPARC processor designs.

Hereby I tag Roger Brinkley, James Walker, Michael Yuan, Eran Davidov to create a "Five Things You Didn't Know About Me" blog post.

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