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Sun Tech Days are rolling along. Next stop: St. Petersburg, Russia (April 11-13)

Posted by terrencebarr on April 5, 2007 at 4:40 AM PDT

Sun Tech Days is like a well-oiled machine. It keeps rolling around the world, delivering in-depth technical content to local developers, informing about what's new and cool, and connecting people, communities, and Sun.

The experience of being at a Tech Days event is always new and unique with each new location. Meeting folks face to face, exchanging ideas, answering questions, and establishing new connections continues to be rewarding each time around.

India: An Amazing Experience

It's been a few weeks since the event but the Sun Tech Days in Hyderabad, India were absolutely stunning. This was a world-class event in every respect and it drew a huge crowd, turning out to be the #1 developer event in India with over 10000 attendees spreading out into three additional satellite cities. The new Hyderabad convention center was brimming with activity and the excitement among the attendees was palpable.

For India, mobile and wireless technologies have a particular importance. This was reflected in the registration numbers for Java ME which beat out other Tech Days technology tracks (like OpenSolaris and NetBeans) by a good margin. And the audience used every opportunity to ask questions and to get in touch with the Java ME experts. In fact, my speaker colleagues and I became minor celebrities quickly and it was literally impossible to walk down the hall without being stopped and involved in a conversation. I'm still working off the list of questions and contacts from India ...

Thanks to all who participated and worked so hard to make Hyderabad the success it was! We really enjoyed it and hope to see you again next year. I've uploaded some pictures to give you a feel for the event.

Next Stop: St. Petersburg, Russia: Meet our Java ME engineers

After Hyderabad, Tech Days came to London, U.K, and Paris, France. Next week will see you in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I personally won't be in St. Petersburg but Sun has a large engineering center in St. Petersburg with multiple teams working on Java ME-related technologies including the phoneME and cqME projects in the Mobile & Embedded Community. This means a number of Sun's core Java ME engineers will be present at the venue which gives you an an excellent opportunity to meet and chat with those folks. I'm curious what a geeky Java ME discussion sounds like in Russian ;-)

The Russian folks have put together a information-packed agenda for you. Here are some of the highlights:

- A special Java ME track with five Java ME sessions
- A Java ME hands-on lab
- A booth staffed with our Java ME experts
- A Java ME quiz with giveaways

See the full agenda for more information.
Alexey Popov has written a blog entry on his Java ME testing session.

I believe many of the sessions will either be presented in Russian or simulcast in Russian making it easier for local developers to participate.

For more information please see the Russian Tech Days home page. To register for the event click here.

I hope you'll join us in St. Petersburg!

-- Terrence

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