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Flashback to 1992: Video of the Green project

Posted by terrencebarr on August 31, 2007 at 10:32 AM PDT

As many of you may know the Java language and runtime concept was born as part of Sun's "Green project" in the early nineties. The Java platform was originally designed to fit the needs of mobile and embedded devices even though it turned out its appeal of course went way beyond the embedded space.

James Gosling just posted a very interesting old video from 1992 on the UI of the Green project running on the "Star 7" device (which was especially created for the Green project). It's fascinating to see many of the concepts and UI paradigms that became widespread today (yes, also in Apple's iPhone) in this video as well as understanding just how far hardware platforms have matured and improved as well. Highly recommended. Here's the link.

-- Terrence

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