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Sun SPOTs triple-shot: Open sourcing, Podcast, and the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days

Posted by terrencebarr on December 21, 2007 at 1:38 AM PST

If you haven't noticed, Sun SPOTs are really starting to take off. I blogged about some developments a couple of months back but this month we have a "Sun SPOT triple-shot" for you!

First, a first wave of SPOT-related code has been open sourced in the Mobile & Embedded Community:

Check it out ... plus, community members are already busy adding more projects. And I'm going to hint that there is much more to come.

Second, we just released podcast #31 with an interview with Roger Meike, the manager of the Sun SPOT team. He talks about what's going in on the world of Sun SPOTs and where things are headed.

Third, it so happens that the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days is becoming a hotbed of Sun SPOTs and deeply embedded technologies and will be the must-attend event of 2008 for anyone interested in that area. Many of the experts will be present at the conference, from the Sun SPOT team  to Bruce Boyes (founder and CTO of Systronix) and Joe Polastre (CTO and co-founder of Sentilla). Expect some exciting demos, discussions, and content from the leading individuals in the field.

And last but not least, Sun SPOTs will become available for sale in 34 countries around the world very soon - finally!

See you January 23 & 24! Cheers,

-- Terrence

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