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Mobile Developer Alliance, take 2: Meet us on Friday (1/25)

Posted by terrencebarr on January 24, 2008 at 10:31 PM PST

In a recent blog entry I asked the question: Do we need a Mobile Developer Alliance? The Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days ended today (it turned out to be an extremely successful event, more about that in the next blog). As a follow-up a couple of folks are getting together to discuss and brainstorm the topic of why developing and deploying content is so hard, what can be done to improve the situation, and about helping developers find their voice.

The meeting is open to everyone interested: come, introduce yourself, tell us what you think, and let's talk about what we as a community can do to tackle the issues at hand. The meeting is tomorrow, Friday (1/25) from 9 am on at the Sun Santa Clara campus.

If you're interested please contact me for more details.

-- Terrence

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Great job on the M&E developer days.

To answer your question, YES! we need a mobile Developer Alliance, However I see it needing to be one that is seen as more than just us geeks chatting in the corner. :D
We need to have a voice, be heard, and have an affect on the companies in the industry.

It also needs to be a group that can communicate back to the developer community the needs of industry when they are trying to protect their customers privacy and security.

Sounds like it right up your alley. :)

Can't wait to hear how the Friday session goes.