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Sun SPOT Giveaway at Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days

Posted by terrencebarr on January 15, 2008 at 1:43 AM PST

Ok, so this is really cool: We managed to get hold of a couple of Sun SPOT kits and we'll be giving them away at the community social event at the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days next week!

We're thinking about creative and fun ways to do this ... like "coolest application idea for a Sun SPOT" and then raffle the kits among the entries. We'd love to hear from you if you have additional ideas to run this giveaway. And, of course, participants must be present at the community social to win!

On another note, we've happy to announce we're doing a Bar Camp event at the conference as well. The details are still being worked out ... our community member Sean Sheedy is the driving force behind this. So if you want to hang out with some folks and engage in midnight coding and discussions ... this is your chance.

And finally, we've nailed down the details of our community social event. It will be a fun and low-key gathering a local Mexican Bar & Grill in a community style atmosphere. Have good Mexican food, down a Margarita (or two), and socialize. If you don't end up meeting at least 20 people that night ... well, that's probably your own fault ;-)

Registration for Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days is open only until Friday (1/18). Register here.

-- Terrence

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Hi Terrence! Thanks for mentioning it - the MiniBarCamp is a GO! Info can be found here:


Midnight coding, hacking, making, or sharing the cool or creative thing you enjoy to do most - that is what this MiniBarCamp is all about.

There are people flying in from around the world for this conference, many of us are friends who work in the M&E space. It didn't seem right to retire to the minibar and watch pay-per-view in the hotel, each night. Camping and geeking out all night, like we used to do in college, is the idea here.

Thank you so much Terrence, and to Roger Brinkley too, for putting this on the agenda, and thanks especially to Dan Green for securing the support late last week that was needed to get this sponsored!

Yes, I have another idea for the Giveaway, and is quite simple logistically: Give it me! :-)