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Databases for Java ME, follow up: Check out the new ProScout sample app

Posted by terrencebarr on March 2, 2008 at 5:31 AM PST

ProScout1-small.jpgIn December of last year I blogged about Perst Lite, an open source object-oriented database and persistence mechanism that runs on CLDC as well as CDC stacks (and as such, on both versions of phoneME) - and I indicated you'd see a collaboration announcement coming soon.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working with the folks from McObject on this. And I am happy to announce that our new "Perst Lite" project is now live in the community. This section features information, references, and pointers about Perst Lite and includes a sample application called "ProScout" (with full source code) which is also featured on the front page of the ME Application Developers project.

The timing is very appropriate. I just returned from the Tech Days in Hyderabad, India and there was a lot of interest from developers there in technologies and best practices that help bring enterprise data to mobile devices. And once you pull down the data via web services then local caching and persistence is an essential part of the story. Working together with partners such as McObject gives developers more immediate access to information, more options, and helps them to develop betters applications faster. Thanks!

A few years ago who would have thought we'd have object-oriented persistence on mass-market phones? Clearly, Java ME is growing up.


-- Terrence


If you prefer a relational database approach, check out OpenBaseMovil, it is also GPL open source, and has much more than a database engine.

Good question. You should probably touch-base with the McObject folks on that - can you post the response here for others to see? Thanks, -- Terrence

It sounds very interesting ! Maybe you have an idea of the access time with a huge number of data ? For example, what's the time for selecting an item in a table of 100 000 entries...?