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My talks at JavaOne 2008

Posted by terrencebarr on April 26, 2008 at 11:22 PM PDT

I am speaking

Well, we're into to the final preparations for next week. Besides being present at the Java Mobile & Embedded Community booths at CommunityOne and JavaOne I'm also involved in three talks this year:

This one is a bit unusual. It is not so much a technical talk but a mix of market analysis, business models, and social behavior. It stems for a couple of discussions I had over the last few months which centered around the true underlying effects of open source and open technologies and how they affect the workings of the wireless industry.

I am not claiming this to be a complete and final analysis ... more along the lines of "food for thought". And I'm going to have to deviate a bit from the abstract: I won't be diving into many actual examples and open source projects - there is just not enough time in 50 minutes. Instead I will try to extract some underlying patterns and drivers for the current shift in the wireless industry. Should be interesting.

This BOF is based on a lightning talk Sean Sheedy and I did a couple of months back at our Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference. The background is explained in this blog post. While there hasn't been much visible progress on the issue there have been a bunch of preparatory discussions in the background. We are now looking to present the idea to a broader audience and get feedback and find collaborators. Sean and I hope to see you on Tuesday evening.

This talk is based on the "SVG GUI Makeover" in the ME Application Developers project. This has been a very popular talk lately at various events such as Sun Tech Days. I've updated the talk and the code for JavaOne so if you are interested in building cool applications with rich UIs and graphics, scalable vector graphics, and Ajax technology you don't want to miss this session.

Oh, and be sure to check out the "Your Mobile and Embedded guide to JavaOne 2008".

See you next week!

-- Terrence