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Your Mobile and Embedded guide to JavaOne 2008

Posted by terrencebarr on April 18, 2008 at 3:17 AM PDT



  • 5/4: Added BOF-5332 (Sprint LWUIT BOF)
  • 4/30: Added TS-4921 (LWUIT) on Tuesday afternoon
  • 4/26: Added more info on Mobility Village, Digital Livingroom, Sun Java ME pods, special sessions
  • 4/25: Added link to CommunityOne wiki
  • 4/23: Added Community Corner and talks
  • 4/21: Added open source unBOF

It's that time of year again ... JavaOne (and CommunityOne)! As always, there is lots of good technical content (in fact, like every year, too much to digest in just a few days) ... and, as last year, I've tried to put together a little guide to help you capture all the things going on at JavaOne and CommunityOne related to mobile and embedded Java.

This year, however, I'm trying something a little different: Instead of compiling all the info in a blog I've instead created a wiki page in the Java Mobile & Embedded Community. This way, not only is the formatting and layout a bit easier to accomplish, but now you and the rest of the community can update the wiki with last-minute information, additions, and corrections (I'll try my best to keep it up-to-date but multiple pairs of eyes certainly works better).

So, here is the current version of Your Mobile and Embedded Guide to JavaOne 2008

It's not complete yet and some events are being worked on as we speak. But I think this should provide you enough to get your planning started. And be sure to check it frequently for updates over the next two weeks!

And finally, once you've found interesting sessions remember to reserve your seat with the JavaOne Schedule Builder.

Enjoy JavaOne 2008. See you there!

-- Terrence

I am speaking


Can't make it this year, but I will follow J1 and your Wiki page! ceo

I was hoping to see a mobile version of JavaOne guide on that page. How ironic. :-)

Hello Terrence! In addition to the guide, there are two M&E talks in < a href="">CommunityCorner that are pending approving (Marge: Java Bluetooth Framework and cqME and ME Framework Testing Platform) :)

Bruno, Good catch! Updated ...

Euxx, Actually, we are looking into that! -- Terrence