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Call for nominations: Mobile & Embedded Governance Board

Posted by terrencebarr on June 30, 2008 at 7:11 PM PDT

Duke_welcome.jpg We're pushing ahead with the continuous process of opening Java ME - here is another step along the way.

The main purpose of Governance Board of the Java Mobile & Embedded Community (quote) "is to maintain the health and communication channels within the community while supporting its goals, nourishing its growth, overseeing all the affairs of the community, and facilitating the alignment with the community's established principles and objectives."

That is why we are delighted that C. Enrique Ortiz has already accepted our offer to join the Governance Board as the Sun appointed member - he's an experienced, respected, and judicious mobility expert. So now, according to the bylaws of the community, that leaves two more seats to be filled per election by nominees from the community.

So, effective immediately we are opening the call for nominations for these two board seats. We are looking forward to get a number of good candidates from across the industry to step up to the plate and help drive Java ME and the Mobile & Embedded Community forward in the spirit of openness, participation, and innovation.

See Roger Brinkley's blog for more information.

-- Terrence


Thanks, Terrence!