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Just released! phoneME Feature MR3

Posted by terrencebarr on July 25, 2008 at 1:10 AM PDT

newsflash-757208.jpg Dear Community,

We're excited to announce the new milestone release 3 (MR3) of the phoneME Feature project. As you know phoneME Feature is a live code base which is being continuously evolved by the efforts of community members as well as Sun's engineering teams. It forms the basis of Sun's commercial product known as the Sun Java Wireless Client 2.1.

Much work has gone into the code base over the last year. phoneME Feature MR3 builds on phoneME Feature MR2 by adding new capabilities as outlined in the feature list below. These include new JSRs, enhanced multimedia support, removal of audio encumbrances, improved support for the JavaCall porting layer, and much more.

Feature List

The following features are part of the phoneME Feature MR3 release:

  • New support for Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234)
  • New support for Mobile Sensor API (JSR 256)
  • New support for XML API for Java ME (JSR 280)
  • Addressed MR2 audio encumbrance with addition of a sound engine binary plug-in
  • Ongoing support for the following Java Specification Requests (JSRs):
    • Personal Information and File Management (JSR 75)
    • Bluetooth (JSR 82)
    • Mobile Information Device Profile (JSR 118)
    • Wireless Messaging API (JSR 120)
    • Mobile Media API (JSR 135)
    • J2ME Web Services (JSR 172)
    • Security and Trust Services API (JSR 177)
    • Location API for J2ME (JSR 179)
    • SIP API for J2ME (JSR 180)
    • Wireless Messaging API 2.0 (JSR 205)
    • Content Handler API (JSR 211)
    • Scalable 2D Vector Graphics (JSR 226)
    • Payment API (JSR 229)
    • Mobile Internationalization API (JSR 238)
    • Java Binding for the OpenGL(R) ES API (JSR 239)
  • Support for JavaCall


phoneme support for jsr172

Does phoneME support jsr172? its been mentioned on top saying Ongoing support

very nice, is it possible to install phoneME Feature MR3 on a Nokia N810? >Closer Integration with Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (WTK) Will it also in the future be possible to install WTK on a Mac? Regards, Ove

Ove, as you may notice from some make files in phoneME Feature repository we do have a MAC port as some of us of course have Macbooks :). Unfortunately we are not able to place it in open so far. But as we are truly committed to open source we are trying to go through all the legal processes to make it happen. Regards Kostya


phoneME Feature doesn't support the N800-series. For that, please check out phoneME Advanced. As for Mac support I can't promise anything but the WTK is being rearchitected with portability in mind so it's a possibility.

-- Terrence