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Using LWUIT? Let us know!

Posted by terrencebarr on July 8, 2008 at 5:35 PM PDT

Picture 1.png The Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) project has really hit a nerve and taken off in a spectacular way. The LWUIT forum has had almost 7000 views in just six weeks and a number of developers are heavily involved with the toolkit already or building applications on it. The architects, Shai and Chen, have been busy adding new features and fixing bugs and have done a new code drop just last week.

Now that LWUIT is finding its way into devices big time we're looking to build a database of devices that have been tested with LWUIT as well as cool applications that have been built with LWUIT. So whether you're using LWUIT already or you're curious how LWUIT runs on you devices ... let us know!


-- Terrence


Sorry for the slow reply ... on vacation. "Lightweight" refers to the fact that LWUIT is a peerless widget set - it is not bound to "heavyweight" native widgets. Still, LWUIT is relatively lightweight from a footprint perspective - in the most compact case it adds only about 50 KB to your application which is quite good considering the features you get. Most of the footprint overhead will be graphical resources used by the application regardless of the UI toolkit used.

-- Terrence

How "lightweight" is it really? I looked at one of the sample apps and it was several 100k

I've toyed with LWUIT and built the the beginnings of a Google Search app:

Thanks. Keep us posted!
-- Terrence