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M&E Community Growth: 180 projects, almost 20,000 activities per month!

Posted by terrencebarr on September 5, 2008 at 3:20 AM PDT


I've been wanting to post data on the growth of the M&E Community for some time now ... but somehow I always got distracted trying to pull together the stats. Turns out that compiling meaningful statistics is harder than you think and the web technology sometimes gets in the way, too.

But here, finally, are some numbers - and they're loooooking goood.

Project and community growth has been pretty stunning (see chart). The community now has over 180 projects (all but a handful are non-Sun) and we've reached a cumulative 220,000 activities since November 2006. Admittedly, the chart looks a bit too perfect ... the historic data I have is spotty so the OpenOffice chart wizzard had do so some smoothing. But, fundamentally, the chart is correct - in particular the data at 08/08 is real and not extrapolated.

What are 'cumulative activities'? An activity is any active involvement of a community member or user with the project resources, be it viewing or posting to the forums or mailing lists, accessing the blogs, downloading project resources, updating the bug database, or performing commits to the repository - this includes all projects in the Mobile & Embedded Community. We keep a running sum of the activities so that's why it is cumulative.

At the current rate we have close to 20,000 activities per month. How does that break down? About 80% of the activity is forum views or posts and the rest is accessing blogs, downloads, commits, and other activities. That number, by the way, does not include our podcast which is enjoying between 1,500 and 2,500 accesses a month, depending on the topic.

So which are the most active projects in the community?

phoneME, not surprisingly, is at the top of the list - it actually ranks #7 in the overall project list. The next most active projects in the M&E Community are (not necessarily in any particular order):

Ok, thats it for now. Hope you find the stats useful - I am certainly pleased by them as they show the community has established itself solidly and continues to grow at a nice clip.


-- Terrence