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Java SE 6 update 10 released

Posted by terrencebarr on October 27, 2008 at 7:58 PM PDT


Admittedly, at first sight this has little to do with mobile and embedded Java - but bear with me.

Java SE 6 update 10 is big news because it essentially recalibrates the Java runtime and desktop Java. It addresses a number of limitations that have burdened the Java platform over the years and it sports significant improvements that go to the heart of a great developer and consumer experience.

Among the benefits are easier installation, better deployment and upgrade mechanisms, much speedier start-up, improved browser and Applet integration, a modern look-and-feel, better overall performance, and more. Some high-level bullets items:

  • Java Kernel
  • Next-Generation Java Plug-In
  • Java Deployment Toolkit
  • Nimbus Look and Feel
  • Performance
  • Deployment Usability

You can read up on the details in this SDN article.

Furthermore, Java SE 6 update 10 is the foundation for Java FX (in preview now - get the Preview SDK here) - and Java FX, of course, will come to the wireless and consumer space in 2009. So if you're a wireless developer and you want to start exploring Java FX then this latest Java SE update is your ticket.

You can find a round-up of articles and blogs about the Java SE 6 update 10 release in the planetarium. Download and installation is easy and takes only a few minutes.


-- Terrence


Thanks Terrence, I was eagerly waiting for FX. Sergio Mabres