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Poll: Which GTK device should we port phoneME Advanced to?

Posted by terrencebarr on October 6, 2008 at 8:17 PM PDT


The great thing about open source is that it brings the technology provider and the technology consumer closer together ... indeed, in many case they become indistinguishable. Being able to discuss technical details over real code is a huge benefit and improves the feedback loop, accelerates innovation, and creates a sense of joint ownership and responsibility for success of the project. These are major advantages over the traditional model where there is often a "us" vs. "them" relationship between the technology vendor and the customer and where collaboration and shared vision is much harder to achieve.

One good example is the phoneME Advanced project which has garnered a strong following and dedicated users and developers - the code is being taken into new directions by community members and there is excellent collaboration going on between all parties. One topic that has been under discussion for a while is GTK support in phoneME - and which particular GTK platform should be chosen. Hinkmond Wong, project owner of phoneME Advanced, has just posted a poll question to solicit the community opinion on the subject. If you're interested in GTK then please vote for your favorite platform here.


-- Terrence


There was a major outage with the forums on Friday - they are back up now. Please try and vote again.

-- Terrence

The forum is down; there is no way to vote. I would vote for Nokia N810 though.