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JCP Java ME EC Election: Vote now for a Voice for Independent Developers

Posted by terrencebarr on November 10, 2008 at 2:41 PM PST

JCP_logo_blue.jpg The Java Community Process (JCP) is currently holding elections for the Java ME EC (Executive Committee). The ME EC is the guiding body that oversees the evolution of the Java ME technology in the JCP - thereby making it a critical part of the Java ME ecosystem. Two seats are up for replacement and our Java Mobile & Embedded Community member and Community Star Sean Sheedy is running for election. I am asking you to support Sean Sheedy in this election. Please read on.

JCP Java ME EC Election - Why Should You Care?

The JCP, of course, is the place where a wide range of technologies and APIs - from enterprise Java to the standard edition and mobile and embedded Java - are created. The JCP has not always been as nimble as people would have liked (myself included) and political and power struggles have slowed down progress at times - not surprising considering that the players in the Java ecosystem have to get together and sort out issues over technologies and compatibility somewhere. But, by and large, the JCP has done a pretty good job and remains one of the most successful standards bodies in the industry forming the basis of the widespread adoption of the Java technology as a whole.

Fundamentally, the JCP is a very open organization and almost 75% of the membership is made up of individual developers and independent small players. These small and independent developers are a critical part of the mobile and embedded ecosystem. Their ability to live on the cutting edge, to be nimble, and to create and monetize demand for new services is a big part of what drives the overall health and the excitement of the mobile and embedded space. The IT industry as a whole has a long and well-established history of innovation occurring outside the corporate campus - mobile and embedded is no different.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, individuals and small ISVs are significantly underrepresented in the JCP Java ME space - the ME EC as well as most ME JSRs are dominated by the industry heavyweights. That means the JCP is missing out on the unfiltered feedback, needs, and innovative influence of independent developers which, over the long term, is detrimental the attractiveness of the platform. For example, unwanted fragmentation and inconsistent deployment and security policies have been longstanding trouble spots for independent developers and small ISVs but have now begun to become a significant burden for the entire ecosystem.

Ensuring a Voice for Independent Developers

As any developer with experience will attest, developing and monetizing mobile and embedded content is hard - harder than it should be. The difficulties are multi-faceted - there is no single and easy fix. But certainly one critical place to increase visibility and drive the issues is the JCP - both in the ME EC and the ME JSRs. Only independent developers can represent themselves and speak up about what needs fixing - thereby improving the entire ecosystem.

Bringing an independent voice from the developer community to the ME EC is not a miracle cure - but I am convinced that an individual with passion and experience can act as a catalyst to

  • Be a communication bridge between the developer community and the JCP
  • Champion the needs of the small developer throughout the evolution of Java ME
  • Bring fresh new approaches such as bottom-up development and open source methodologies to the JCP process

Sean Sheedy is someone who cares passionately about these causes. He has been involved in the industry for 20 years both from the corporate perspective as well as an individual developer. Sean has participated in the JCP over the years in multiple functions and he is closely connected with the developer community. And finally, he is a great guy who deserves our support and would serve the developer community well on the ME EC. Please read Sean's election statement here.

On a related note, Jean-Marie Dautelle, who was on the EC until now, is not running for the seat anymore this year - so Sean is an excellent replacement to ensure the voice of the independent developer remains a part of the EC.

Please support Sean Sheedy - Deadline to Vote is November 17, 2008

The JCP ME EC election is happening now and the voting deadline is November 17, 2008 - so you need to act fast. And don't think your voice as an individual won't count - the JCP does not distinguish between individual votes and corporate votes. So each and every vote makes a difference. Past results show that very clearly.

How to vote?

  • If you are already a JCP member then casting your vote is easy. Simply go to the JCP Election Ballot, vote for the desired candidate, enter the voting PIN that you received, and click "submit". Remember: You have two votes! You can either split them between candidates or assign both votes to the same candidate.
  • If you are not yet a JCP member then I encourage you to join up soon so that you can have an influence in next year's elections. Joining the JCP is free for individuals and straightforward - follow the instructions here.

In short: Your vote makes a difference to the Java ME ecosystem. Please participate in the Java ME EC election.


-- Terrence


Nice post, we need more and more people involved. I voted for Sean as well, I met him at J1. Cheers!