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M3DD - Two Weeks To Go - Update on free, live, worldwide broadcast

Posted by terrencebarr on January 5, 2009 at 10:46 AM PST


Only two more weeks to the Java Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days conference (Jan 21-22, 2009)!

Podcast #67 and Newsletter #5

With the recent release of JavaFX there is of course a lot of interest in JavaFX Mobile and M3DD will be the first place where you can hear more about the technology. Listen to our brand-new podcast #67 where Juraj Svec and Jan Sterba talk about JavaFX Mobile and why you want to attend their technical session TS-3 (see conference agenda).

Also check out the other featured conference content in newsletter #5

  • Bill Foote, Architect, Sun Microsystems, on "Creating Blu-ray Disc Games and Menus Using Open Source Tools"

Update on Free, Live, Worldwide Video Broadcast

As like last year we also plan to do a live broadcast of the entire M3DD conference on the web, for free.

Last year some folks criticized the use of proprietary video formats and playback mechanisms - and we agree. We'd love to use open formats and Java. However, after a bunch of research it appears our options (currently) are limited. See my write-up on the M3DD wiki.

In summary, it looks like we'll stick with the ustream solution for another year - unless someone pulls an unexpected alternative out of their hat. In any case, the broadcast will happen and we invite you cordially to join us online if you can't make it to Santa Clara in person.

Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions here or on the interest alias ( We are definitely open to input.

See you in person or online on the 21st/22nd!



-- Terrence

PS: Poster Session slots still available!

Poster sessions come from the academic world where they are used to promote research. For M3DD the primary purpose of a poster is the communication of information and ideas to the attendees by combining text and graphics to make a visually-pleasing presentation. This is a great one-on-one time with developers about your products or project.

If your interested in having a poster sessions submit a proposal as outlined in the M3DD Call for Papers.