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JCP Java ME EC special election

Posted by terrencebarr on February 24, 2009 at 10:24 AM PST


As you may have heard there is a special election taking place NOW through March 9, 2009 for a seat on the JCP Java ME Executive Committee (EC).

The special election is necessary because Intel has vacated its seat. Note that this election is in addition to the regular Java ME EC election that happened in November of 2008 (read about it in my blog post) and for which Sean Sheedy was confirmed.

This is another excellent opportunity for the broad Java ME developer community to be involved with what's happening in the JCP. After all, developers and content creators are the primary consumers of the technology defined in the JCP.

In this special election four candidates have been nominated and are running for the vacant seat:

  • Aplix
  • Cox Communications
  • Marlon Luz
  • Shawn Fitzgerald

In order to get to know the candidates better and enable a communication channel between the public and the candidates the JCP has set up this collaborative site. There you can find candidate statements and you can engage in Q&A directly with the candidates to discuss topics that are of importance to you.

I encourage you to read up on the statements, interact with the candidates, and advertise the election in the Java ME community. I hope for a lively and interesting exchange of ideas that helps the JCP members find the candidate that is best suited to represent their needs and drive the Java ME platform forward.

A note on Shawn Fitzgerald for those of you who might not be familiar with him:

Shawn is a Java Mobile & Embedded Community Star, an experienced mobile developer, and an active participant in several Java Mobile & Embedded Community forums. See his recent post regarding the special election. We also did a podcast interview with Shawn a while back.

Also be sure to check Sean Sheedy's post on the special election as well as his questions on the collaborative site.

The planetarium picked up the topic as well.


-- Terrence


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