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M3DD: Thanks & follow-up

Posted by terrencebarr on February 3, 2009 at 12:14 AM PST


I'm just coming up for air again ... M3DD took all my attention for the past three weeks and after it was done I had a bunch of things to follow-up on, sift through hundreds of piled-up emails, and finally take two days off for a desperately-needed break.

Late, but anyway, I wanted to share a brief follow-up on M3DD:

First, thanks to all for another very successful conference!

Our initial feedback from attendees and speakers has been very positive.

  • Thanks to the speakers for the excellent content and being the professionals you are
  • Thanks to the attendees for supporting the conference despite tight travel budgets
  • Thanks to the remote folks who participated in the live broadcast in large numbers
  • Thanks to all the folks who tirelessly helped put this together (you know who you are!)

And, of course, thanks to our sponsors without whom this conference would have not been possible:


Video Archive

The conference has created a lot of good content, slides, and videos. We are currently post-processing the videos, converting them to several file formats to enable everyone to view them, and pushing them onto our servers. This will take a few more days - please stay tuned and watch this blog or the conference home page for updates on when the videos are available.


-- Terrence