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Collecting LWUIT-based apps

Posted by terrencebarr on March 4, 2009 at 5:28 PM PST

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Just a quick note: We're looking for examples of 3rd party applications using the LWUIT toolkit. The LWUIT team is assessing the adoption of LWUIT and collecting metrics on the success of the LWUIT project and community for internal purposes. The deadline for this is March 15.

You can help us out. If you've written an application that uses LWUIT shoot us an email so we know about it and we can feature it on the Featured Applications Page. If you've seen a cool application that uses LWUIT - let us know where to find it so we can get in touch with the author.


-- Terrence


I have written an application using LWUIT. It is an application that shows timings and locations where the movies are playing. Unfortunately it is only available for brasilian cities and in portuguese language. You can download or test the application in this link ( only in portuguese too ). This is the link of the jad file (, you also can test the application on your web browser using microemulator, you just need to click the image on the bottom of the page.


The LWUIT project ( has a tutorial, developer documentation, and samples as well as a very active forum and community. Please check there for more information.

-- Terrence

Hi, looks like your toolkit is really good to develop an application.Can u pls send me a sample code that includes themes,commands,buttons,text field etc... I happened to code a j2me program but that includes lcdui classes and there is an ambiguity with both the classes. If u can send me any ebook containing how to use lwuit ll be a better help. mail me at Srinath