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Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 released ("Goodbye WTK, hello Java ME SDK", part 2)

Posted by terrencebarr on April 22, 2009 at 8:44 PM PDT



A few days ago the final release of the Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 went live. This is a great new milestone for the most-widely used Java ME development toolkit, formerly known as the WTK (Sun Java Wireless Toolkit).

The Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 sports redesigned underpinnings, improved device emulation, and a host of new features and improvements - it should quickly become the tool of choice not only for CLDC/MIDP developers, but also for CDC and BD-J (Blu-Ray) projects.

Read the announcement by the Java ME SDK team. Or directly go to the Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 product and download page.

Key Features:

  • Integration with third-party emulators and Windows Mobile devices
  • On-device deployment and on-device debugging
  • CLDC/MIDP, CDC/FP/PBP/AGUI, and BD-J integrated into one SDK
  • New CLDC HotSpot Virtual Machine
  • Optimized MSA 1.1 stack with extensions
  • Profiling support
  • Network monitor
  • BD-J support
  • New development environment based on Netbeans Platform
  • Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) integration
  • Device search database integrated in SDK
  • JavaFX Mobile Emulator included

There is a special nugget of good news for phoneME developers. It is possible to extend Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 with the just released phoneME Feature MR4 runtime. Details will be posted on the team blog.

For more background information you can also read up on the blog entry I did for the Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 Beta announcement ("Goodbye WTK, hello Java ME SDK"). And be sure to listen to our podcast with two members of the SDK team, Thomas Brandalik and David Pulkrabek.

Happy coding!

-- Terrence


To keep up to date regarding Mac and Linux versions please see the Java ME Platform SDK blog:

-- Terrence

We know the Mac and Linux community has been waiting for a native Java ME dev. tool for some time ... I'm a Mac user myself. As explained before, the WTK as well as the Java ME SDK contain significant amounts of native code because of the deep platform integration, advanced built-in tools, and broad optional JSR support they provide. Migrating/porting this code is non-trivial. To get a glimpse of what's happening see:

-- Terrence

Maybe if SUN use something called "JAVA" for developing these tools we may not have cross-platform development problems. It is quite shameful act that Sun does not support solaris/linux and still running behind the "falling" evil empire as first priority.

This makes the 3rd announcement on the front page for the 3.0 ME SDK. This horse is dead. What would be news is some insight into WHEN (or if) the Mac and Linux versions can be expected. -Shawn

Mac version now available!

Shawn, check out

-- Terrence

well, you can be releasing Java ME Platform SDK 10.0 for all i care but where is the mac and linux support that people have been wanting for years?

I commented on linux version here:

@Imartikafi, I am not sure what you mean. The Java Virtual Machine doesn't correspond directly to a particular JSR. A Java ME implementation is an integrated stack that contains the VM and a number of JSRs - you typically can't just replace the VM itself. -- Terrence

I need to find out what JSR package contains the new Java CLDC Hotspot VM and then to replace the corresponding old JSR package (and the old JVM) with the new package to obtain better performance for J2ME applications easily. How is this possible? Otherwise I think J2ME is performing too slowly for my software needs. Thank you for processing and answering this message! With kindly regards