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Lighting Talk BOF signup for Mobility Track

Posted by terrencebarr on April 27, 2009 at 8:55 AM PDT

JavaOne June 2-5, 2009

Lightning talks have become a very popular thing at many conferences and have worked really well for the Java Mobile, Media, and Embedded Developer Days, too.

So when Roger Brinkley, our Java M&E Community leader and track lead for the JavaOne Mobility Track, and I discussed the schedule for this years JavaOne we thought "Wouldn't it be good to try some Lightning Talks at JavaOne as well?".

And here we are: BOF-6731 ("Mobile and Embedded Lightning Talks") is scheduled for Wednesday, June 03, 6:45 - 7:35 PM. We have 45 minutes to fill with Lightning Talks and we're looking for your submissions.

Lightning Talks are 5 minute time slots where the presenters have the opportunity to pitch their project, product, or idea to the session attendees. This is a fast-paced and informative BOF complete with cowbells to annoy speakers who exceed their time allotment ;-) It is your chance to get in front of the JavaOne audience.

If you would like to present in this years Lightning Talk BOF simply post a message to this thread or email us at editor[at] with your name and company (if appropriate), and a sentence or two about what you want to talk about. Roger and I will pick the top 10 presentations.

NOTE: You must have a JavaOne pass to present at the BOF-6731. There will be NO free passes for presenters at this BOF.


-- Terrence