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Next week: JCP Program Annual Awards and JavaOne JCP panel discussion

Posted by terrencebarr on May 29, 2009 at 10:07 AM PDT


A bunch of things are happening around the JCP next week in the context of JavaOne. I'd like to quickly highlight two particular events:

2009 JCP Program Annual Awards

First, my congratulations to the nominees for the 2009 JCP Program Annual Awards - in particular our two Java Mobile & Embedded Community Stars

  • Sean Sheedy, for JCP Program Member of the Year
  • Enrique C. Ortiz, for JCP Program Participant of the Year

Please join us at the JCP Program community party on Tuesday, June 2nd in San Francisco where the award winners will be announced.

JavaOne Panel Discussion with the JCP Java ME Executive Committee Members

Second, if you've always wanted to meet the Java ME Executive Committee members, learn first-hand about what's happening, and voice your ideas directly and unfiltered ... next week at JavaOne is your chance!

Sean Sheedy is putting together a panel discussion with a number of the key players in the JCP:


Terrence, thanks for this; I am honored.... And congrats to *you* who also have been nominated to the JCP Program Participant of the Year!!! ceo