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JavaOne news update 1

Posted by terrencebarr on June 3, 2009 at 11:37 AM PDT


Update 6/4:

  • Totally forgot to mention: Of course there was also the announcement about the updated Java Verified program which now features the availability of a Publisher ID, R&D signing and streamlined test procedures. Find all the information on the updated Java Verified site.

Coming up for air ... as every year, things are extremely busy at the conference and I barely have time to catch my breath. A quick update of various news from yesterday:

  • Tuesday's general session had a host of announcements such as the release of JavaFX 1.2, a preview of the JavaFX authoring tool, the launch of the beta of the Java application store and the Java warehouse, the preview of JDK 7, and a series of special guests from RIM, Verizon Wireless, Sony Pictures, Intel, the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Jagex, and Carnegie Mellon University. Check out the write-up of the session.
  • Also in Tuesday's General session: The appearance of Scott McNealy and Larry Ellison - discussing what Java means to Oracle, and some really interesting comments by Larry on JavaFX, OpenOffice, netbooks, and Google Android. I highly encourage you to watch the video replay of the General Session - especially the last 20 minutes or so.
  • The announcement of the Java Application Terminal Alignment Framework (JATAF): JATAF is a collaborative, open source project started by Orange, Sony Ericsson, and Sun aimed at delivering test cases which address fragmentation issues and help drive consistency of the Java ME platform. See a video interview with Simon Nicholson from Sun on Simon Phipps' TweetScoop.

Also check out the Planetarium. More news updates as soon as I get around to them. And be sure to keep checking my JavaOne Guide to the Show for latest updates!


-- Terrence


I don't have the exact numbers but I've heard that CommunityOne and JavaOne together attracted about 15,000 developers.

-- Terrence

How many people attended JavaOne? I met a boy from Finland who attended Apple WWDC09, he said there are 7,8K people in WWDC. Cannot believe it is true.