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JavaOne news update 2

Posted by terrencebarr on June 4, 2009 at 4:27 PM PDT


Here is the next news update - wrapping up yesterday's news:

  • The morning General Session by Sony Ericsson was well attended - Christopher David, Head of Developer and Partner Engagement, truly understands developers and it is clear that Sony Ericsson is ramping up their focus on developers and content creation and distribution.

    According to Sony Ericsson they now have over 200 million Java-enabled devices in use, ramping up to an expected 800 million devices in the 3G entry phone space. Furthermore, the company will be launching the ability for developers to submit applications to the PlayNow Arena content shop coming July. Finally, as reported yesterday, Sony Ericsson is a founding member of the JATAF initiative. For more details see the session write-up or video replay.

  • The afternoon General Session by Sun was lead by Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing at Sun. Major news here was the renewed commitment of Sun to open source Java ME and the phoneME and LWUIT projects, the availability of a JavaFX Mobile developer phone (and HTC Touch Diamond) for purchase at JavaOne, as well as the preview of JavaFX TV. And, Mac developers rejoice!, Sun has officially announced they are working on a Mac version of the Java ME development tools. The write-up of the session can be found here, the video replay is here.


-- Terrence


Sorry for the slow reply. The tool Erik used takes the JavaFX Mobile runtime and binds it with the application to create a MIDlet. This tool is currently not available publicly but Sun is working on this. Can't give you any specific details at this point.

-- Terrence

Sorry for the slow reply. The device is an HTC Diamond Touch - the version I have is GSM. The JavaFX Mobile Runtime is a Windows Mobile executable that can be installed on the device like any other WM application. More info and details on this will be forthcoming.

-- Terrence

Sony Ericons is making interesting moves to increase the number of applications available to their customers. Sony Ericsson Partners with GetJar for PlayNow arena "GetJar today announced that the company’s library of over 45,000 free applications will soon be linked directly through Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow™ arena, its app store."

Are there more information available about the JavaFX developer phone? Is it a HTC Touch Diamond or are they to different ones which ship with the JavaFX Runtime? The HTC Touch Diamond is available for GSM and CDMA, is JavaFX running on both services and which carriers?

In the Sony Ericsson general session, Erik Hellman used JavaFx to build a mobile project and deployed it real phones. I asked Erik on his blog how he manged this and he said he used some SDK that is not yet publicly available. Here is the link to the blog: He basically wrote JavaFx code and the SDK compiled it to a Midlet. Erik suggested I ask Sun about the SDK to do this. I know you often answer questions regarding JavaFx mobile, so I thought you may be able to enlighten us regarding the SDK availability.