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JavaOne news update 3 and wrap-up

Posted by terrencebarr on June 11, 2009 at 1:45 PM PDT


After a well-needed break over a long weekend (hiking in the Eastern Sierra Nevada - awesome!) here is news update 3 and a JavaOne wrap-up:

  • Throughout the conference there was quite a bit of interest and good traffic at the Java Mobile & Embedded Community booth. We had demos around phoneME, LWUIT, HD Cookbook, BUG, Sun SPOT and SquawkVM, JavaTV, and much more. Roger, myself, Hinkmond Wong (project lead of phoneME), and Kevin Looney (project lead of cqME) were in pretty much constant demand. The JDTF booth next to us was well visited, too.
  • BOF-1241 "What’s Up with Javaâ„¢ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME Platform)?"  was a small affair (as to be expected with this topic and time slot) but attracted a focused audience and a good discussion with several action items coming out of it. Sean Sheedy will be blogging more about this soon.
  • Canoo in Switzerland has been involved with rich Internet applications for some time now and has gained a lot of experience with JavaFX both on desktop and mobile. Mike Mannion did a session on "JavaFX Technology in Action: From Design Tool to Desktop, to Mobile Device" - the write-up of an interview with Mike can be found here.
  • Last, but not least, James Goslings' Toy Show was an inspiring line-up of cool and innovative use of Java technology in a wide range of areas. It's clear that mobile and embedded Java is playing an ever-increasing role as the platform of choice in many projects and James' session was a testament to that. The write-up is here, and the video of the session is here.


Despite the economic situation and the uncertainty coming from the Oracle-Sun announcement I think JavaOne came off better than many expected - there were lots of interesting announcements, sessions, demos, and conversations. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to whatever next year's event may bring.


-- Terrence