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News update

Posted by terrencebarr on August 10, 2009 at 7:04 AM PDT

newsflash-757208.jpgEven in this "quiet" summer time period there is plenty of newsworthy information flying around. A list of new items posted to the Java Mobile & Embedded Community home page:

  • Free "Summer Camp" courses introduce students to Java and JavaFX (deadline 8/14)
  • Steven Chin on JavaFX Mobile ready for prime time
  • Java Mobility Podcast 84: Using SunSPOTs for gesture recognition
  • Java Mobility Podcast 83: JATAF panel discussion
  • Missing the point: An apology from Amazon
  • MajiPlayer 2.x "just got friggin' insane"
  • LWUIT 1.2 released - new features and performance improvements
  • Hinkmond Wong on 1.5 billion iPhone app downloads: Bogus or bonafide
  • Several Mobility Tech Tips (Bluetooth, Contactless Communication, GPS, Mobile JavaFX)

Happy reading. Cheers,

-- Terrence

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