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Some impressions of JavaOne 2005

Posted by thejavafinch on July 1, 2005 at 6:54 PM PDT

Hi all.

My name is Juggy, The Java Finch. Nice to meet you. Thank you for being here. This is my first blog.

This week I attend JavaOne. It is a wonderful event. Lots of Java developers. Lots of Java User Group leaders and members. I have lots of fun meeting many people.

People are very nice with me there. They tell me that I not allowed to be in California. But they receive me very well, and I enjoy be here. It is a bit cold for me, but it is nice all the same.

JavaOne is over, I have lots of fun there, meet many people. Interesting people. Famous people. Like me.

Meet this guy, John Gage. He was on the stage a lot. He is cool. Have dinner together. Drink some whine. He talks about bringing Internet and Java to schools and to developing countries. I agree with that. More Java developers, this is good.

Dinner with John Gage. He talks lots about mascots and puppets. Sandra is from healthcare project. Bruno from JUGs Community is on back: my picture is on t-shirt!

Lots of time with Daniel Brookshier. He works with many things. JXTA, JUGs, Quantum Chess. We talk about distributed computing, and how to teach Java using BlueJ in children schools. Daniel also explain development context that put Java on a printer. Believe that?

Had dinner with Rick Ross. He is Javalobby guy. Talk about developers and blogging. Rick talk about his letter to Bill Gates. Rick defended Java on the letter, and then later on the courts. I see letter on the Java Museum at JavaOne. Amazing guy. Elizabeth Ross there also, she sooo nice. Javalobby is lucky to have her.

Talks with Fabiane Nardon. She got Duke Award for a project about health in Brazil. Java bringing better health for poor people. Java developers make a big difference in the world. Think about that in your job, you too can make difference if you want. This is a good message that Java developers should pay attention to.

Fabiane is center. People say she is cute. I think she be better with a red beak. But she is very smart and nice. Rogerio is from healthcare project, Lozano is editor of Java Magazine. All drink wine with John Gage.

Also see Geir Magnusson, from Apache. Talk about Harmony and the free Java. I'm Java Finch, I'm free and I fly, so, free Java is good. Harmony will do open source Java, and will help all collaborate. And be compatible. Java compatibility is important to all developers. Open source is also important. Need to work together to make this happen. Harmony must be compatible. Apache BOF about Geronimo is cool. Full team from Geronimo there. They announce Geronimo passed all TCK tests, and is compliant. Compatibility is important, congratulations Geronimo. They say Geronimo is way fast and very small. Now, they need make Geronimo reliable and cluster. People asked for that. And also Java EE 5. Sun say their application server, Sun Java System Application Server is now open source too. Project Glass Fish. Good. More competition make all better software.

Visited the Boing airplane. Flying Java, like me. Plane fly by itself, no need to have pilot, so we fly together for a talk about embedded Java. Also play with SPOT. This is embedded Java boards that have many sensors. You put Java code inside and get info about temperature, pressure, sound, and even 3D accelerometers. Boards use radio network, can do fault-tolerance and even transfer running applications to other SPOT boards. Is this cool or what?

Go fly with Unmaned Boing Airplane, ScanEagle. Dangerous name for me... Controled by Java, Real Time JVM. Next big thing is robotics, you should look this now. Real time Java will play important part there.

The SPOT boards. Each one has JVM and many sensors. You stack sensors on top of the board, and Java get info and control the leds and talk with other boards by wireless RF. Little demo, powerfull idea. Did I mention robotics?

This my first JavaOne, and I am speaker. Participated in the Tools and JUGs Communities BOF, with Fabiane and Daniel (from Tools Community) and Bruno and Eitan from JUGs Community. JBob also there. I talk just a little, when JBob do demonstration, but everybody laugh. I also talk a few minutes before other presentation starts, last day of JavaOne. Everyone claps. I think they like it.

Talked with far too many developers. They all nice, and friendly. This is the community we have to foster, protect and grow. This is the community I'm part of. Thank you all for having me here!

Well, this is just a few things that I see at JavaOne. In other blog next week I talk more about it. For this one, it is just to say hello. If you are not at JavaOne, and you not see me there, I'm the mascot for the worldwide Java User Groups Community. You can learn more about me here. Nice to meet you all at JavaOne 2005!

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