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Mark Reinhold and Heather VanCura - discussing the future of Java at JavaPolis

Posted by thejavafinch on January 31, 2007 at 2:55 PM PST

Once Java SE 6 was released, I took my chances and went directly to the man in charge, to ask him what he liked most about it. Must admit, that was not the answer I expected... Mark twisted my little bird brain!

Need to apologize that the sound came out bad, bad, bad... Thanks to my good friend Daniel Steinberg, that helped make it less bad, and saved this precious interview!

Hearing Mark say that the community will decide the future of Java 7, who could I go after to learn what that means? Right there at JavaPolis I met this pretty, smart lady, Heather VanCura. Manager of the JCP Program Office, she knows the inside out of the place where the future of Java is discussed. Heather was very nice explaining some of the changes the JCP is going trough. She even mentioned how Java User Groups can help!

JavaPolis is this cool place where you can meet many Java User Group guys, and also some of the best Java people in the planet! Thank you Mark and Heather, it was a plasure meeting face to face with you!