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NetBeans Evangelists at JavaPolis

Posted by thejavafinch on February 6, 2007 at 6:51 PM PST

I visited the Czech Republic last year, where I met the guys from NetBeans and was even invited to be part of the NetBeans 5.5 launch party. While I was there, I visit this beautiful city, Český Krumlov, and talked a lot with several Java guys that were there, including the team of NetBeans Evangelists, and also Joshua Marinacci, that sent me these cool pictures.

Cesky Krumlov
What a view!      Time to rest!

Then, during JavaPolis, I met a few of the NetBeans guys again, and took the time to learn little bit more about this very very cool open source project.

Roman Strobl is one of the best known NetBeans evangelists. He is also a very well read blogger, among the best 10 at Sun. Want to be a better blogger? You need to learn Roman's secret then!

Now, this next interview is a special one. Brian Leonard is a NetBeans evangelist. But he is also the guy I interviewed most times! I interviewed him at the NetBeans party. Video was too dark to use. I interviewed him twice more at Czech Republic. For some reason, those videos disappeared, they were nowhere to be found on the camera. I owned to him to get this one finalized! Brian talks about JEE support in NetBeans and also about support for other open source technologies in the IDE.

Thanks Roman and Brian. Keep up the good work at NetBeans, and please visit Java User Groups around the world in your travels!

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