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What a great 2007! Lets do more in 2008!

Posted by thejavafinch on January 10, 2008 at 2:09 PM PST

So, in 2007 I traveled to several places. Visiting Java User Groups in many cities and countries, I saw lots of my best friends Java User Group leaders and members all over the world. I also made lots of new friends, large and small!

During the year I gave a talk at JavaOne (hopefully the first talk ever done by a bird) and was even featured on national television in Brazil. Things were so wild that I had a body upgrade along the way!

I also visited my place of origin, the Java Island in Indonesia. There, they had a 3 meters high banner with my picture in it and I met a geologist when I visited an active volcano. In Indonesia they call me Gelatik, but I didn't see many other Gelatiks around, I spent my time around lots of Java developers!

The video bellow shows a bit of what happened in 2007, and I look forward to a wonderful 2008, together with you!

Lets do more in 2008, I hope to see you around, and happy new year to all Java developers!

PS: I usually don't carry a camera (too heavy to fly with), so I have to rely on friends to send me the pictures they took. Many thanks to all of you that took those great pictures from the video above! If you have any picture of me flying around, send them my way! There is a Flickr group that you can use to send pictures, go to my Flickr page to join!

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Nice movie. Keep up the good work in 2008 :)