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Java API for KML (JAK)

Posted by thlandgraf on August 14, 2009 at 12:19 AM PDT

Micromata GmbH, specialist for tailor-made software engineering, headquartered in Kassel, presents the first Java interface for easy access to KML (Keyhole Markup Language). Micromata will release JAK (Java API for KML) to the community as open source software. The open source project is now available to download at: and

The project was developed at Kassel University within the framework of a master's thesis commissioned by Micromata. The Kassel experts for software engineering clearly defined their objective: to develop an open source based Java interface, which would enable direct and easy access to KML.KML is an XML-based programming language that describes and visualizes geographic data.Originally developed for the client components of Google Earth, KML is now frequently used to program web-based maps in 2D, virtual globes in 3D and as a means of exchanging geographic data.KML was defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as a standard in April 2008; many virtual globes, such as NASA's World Wind or Microsoft's Virtual Earth, are based on KML.

In spite of the high adaptation rate of KML, until now, there was no interface that enabled convenient and easy use of KML in existing Java environments, thus enabling access to geographic data in KML.Because digital information with spatial information

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Thanks for your contribution, I'll have to check it out! Just to be set the record straight though, I think the first KML library for Java was this project:

Brilliant, just what I and my mates have been looking for. It looks so easy to use and I like the way you have implemented it. Very refreshing!

Excellent news. I've always been guessing whether I wasn't able to search for a KML API for Java or such an API did not really exist. As a consequence I used XJC for parsing it, but in a quick-and-dirty way for some specific needs. I'll convert to JAK as soon as possible. Thanks.